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Rocket Beetle
Rocket Beetle
Scientific Name Scarabum formulae
Family Scarab Beetle
Areas Penumbra Plains
Underground Areas Dark Mountain Cave, Dark Wetland Cave, Supercomputer Complex, G-Base
Carry Weight N/A
Seed Worth N/A
Attacks Selfdestructs

The Rocket Beetle is a member of the Scarab Beetle family along with the Anode Beetle. As the name would suggest, the Rocket Beetle is a less peaceful creature compared to the Anode Beetle, which is merely communicating to other members of its species by sending static electricity back and forth. The Rocket Beetle doesn't communicate at all, and instead of yellow markings on a black shell, the markings are orange. They behave exactly like Anode Beetles (minus the electricity) until they spot creatures nearby. They suddenly open their carapaces and quickly beat their wings, their open back lighting up with the power of a rocket turbine. Then they quickly shoot straight towards their targets, attempting to finish them off in the explosion. As one would guess, there are no remnants of the beetle whatsoever after it explodes. The safest way to clear out Rocket Beetles is to run by them without any Pikmin and outmaneuver the Rocket Beetles' explosions.


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