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The Roosting Snagull is a sizable and powerful foe known to roost at the highest points of Impact Island. On a good day, they'll often be hunting the beaches in search of prey. During a storm, they'll stay in their nests atop the cliffs. Upon spotting Pikmin, the Roosting Snagull will hop forwards and snap up a single Pikmin, taking a second to eat it. Then it'll bend down to eat them one by one until there is no more food left. The Roosting Snagull attacks with vigor, and this is also its weakness. If you can move your Pikmin away from the diving beak in time, it'll smack its face into the sand and cough up the sand it accidentally ate. This is the best time to throw Pikmin at it to weaken it. It flaps its wings to knock Pikmin away, so be aware of that too. It has the same amount of health as a Burrowing Snagret.

Snagull Edit

The name is combined with the words "snag" and "gull," rather like how snagret and snarrow are combinations of "snag" and "egret" and "snare" and "sparrow" respectively.


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