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The Dolphin blasting off early in the game

The S.S. Dolphin is the personal delivery ship that belongs to Captain Olimar in the first Pikmin game. It is wrecked when it crashes into a comet during a flight to a vacation spot and 30 of its pieces are scattered; Pikmin involves the collection of these using creatures called Pikmin. When Olimar returns to Hocotate with a fixed ship at the start of Pikmin 2, the S.S. Dolphin is sold to help pay the Hocotate Freight's enormous debt.

Known PiecesEdit


  • The S.S. Dolphin's name is a reference to the GameCube's development codename, the Dolphin.
  • The two lights on the front of the ship change colors with the amount of progress Olimar has made in repairing it. The lights are off when he first crashes at the Impact Site. They are red when the Forest of Hope is accessible, yellow when The Forest Navel is accessible, green for The Distant Spring, blue for The Final Trial and purple when the Secret Safe is returned.


In fanon games Edit

Pikmin: 100 Days Without A Ship Edit

It has been upgraded in the following ways: It has extra thrusters, two cockpits, and can talk. Sadly it crashes again so Olimar and Louie make there own ship and attempt to find the S.S. Dolphin.

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