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Searchlight Snitchbugs live only in dark places where their light can shine. Their light is caused by a type of bacteria that fused with it during its evolution. They are colored light blue and have orange eyes. They may hover in place or follow a certain patrol route. They won't do anything bad unless they spot something walking through their circle of light. In that case, they quickly do their best to alert other bugs to rush to the spot quickly. They also can swoop down and pick up Pikmin if they are spotted and plant them in the ground somewhere. Take caution when dealing with these. Get behind them, aim well and throw yellows up to take out the light without much of a fight.


Pikmin: Night ShiftEdit

In Pikmin: Night Shift, Searchlight Snitchbugs appear late-game at night. They act exactly like past appearences, but are unique in that they are the only enemy who can spot Green Pikmin without being attacked first.

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