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This Article or Image Relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin:Civil War.

The shadow queen is, as the name suggests, is the queen of all Shadow pikmin and the last boss of pikmin civil war. she looks like a big shapless mass of darkness. living in the pit of despare, she floats in place watching everything on the pikmin planet and informing her minions where to attack.

As a boss[edit | edit source]

The shadow queen is an extremely difficult as she can only be harmed using power ups. after her high health drops to zero, she explodes killing any pikmin within throwing distance and reveals her true form - a lanky phantom like shadow pikmin. she has a thorn covered rose on there stem. in this form she can be swarmed by the players pikmin but will still attempt to attack. when she's defeated in this form, the shadow queen dies for good and all shadow pikmin wilt.

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