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Shearant DX
Shearant DX
Scientific Name Arkusea Mandibulosa Elituso
Family Mandiblard
Areas N/A
Underground Areas Worlds Beyond
Carry Weight 2
Max. Carriers 3 Pikmin
Seed Worth 7
Attacks Eats Pikmin, spits acid, flame body

These deadly, complex foes are the elites of the Shearants, a race of mandiblard-like beings that could either be the ancestors or the descendants of the mandiblards. The Shearant DX looks like a difficult foe, and it is. It sports a pair of powerful wings that allow it to fly high above its foes if need be, and it can fend for itself well on the ground with its powerful jaws. The female has pink wings and he male has purple wings. It can also spray instant-death acid from its maw, so Green Pikmin are your Pikmin of choice for dealing with Shearant DX. Shearant DX can also surround its body with an intense flame for defense that of course only reds can get past, yet Yellow Pikmin are also useful in case you need to take a Shearant DX out of the sky. Last, but certainly not the least of your worries is the fact that Shearant DX usually has plenty of Shearants around for protection... what Pikmin types will you use? And what strategies will you need?


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