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GoldPikPik silver bronze 21:01, 19 May 2009 (UTC)

  • Overseer and Head of Edits
  • I want 2 edit beacause well, its my fanon game!

after your done doing that, start editing whenever!!!

Sir PikminEdit

SirPikmin,SIRPIKMINYour Bold Pikmin Knight!Contributions

  • I would like to be the lead enemy creator.
  • I would like that position because I am good at creating enemies.


Peanut64,DwarforangebulborbThats mah name, DONT wear it out!. Sysop, Bureaucrat

  • Kool! I wanna edit enemys too!
  • Why? I like cookies!


lead cave/area creator plus regular trivia
cuz im handy in those things
Fandom User
  • Hello, I would like to create Enemies
  • I like creating stuff!
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