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A Silver Pikmin

A Silver Pikmin is the second stage of its life cycle. This life cycle includes: a Bronze Pikmin (Leaf Stage), Silver Pikmin (Bud Stage), and Gold Pikmin (Flower Stage) All three stages sink in water. (WARNING: IT MAY EAT ITS OWN BUD) Since it is made of silver, it sinks in water. It changes color when deflowered because it turns bronze when it has a leaf.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Silver Pikmin(GPP)

Thanks to SirPikmin 4 sprites

The Silver Pikmin is silver in color with a bronze bud.

Gathering of the SilverEdit

The Great ceremony of the "Gathering of the Silver" is where, when the Silver Pikmin in almost to its Gold Stage. During the ceremony it is awarded a Bronze Whistle which he/she uses to command the position of captain in its Gold Stage.


The Silver Pikmin's onion is made out of ruby, and is outlined in gold.

Mine AblitityEdit

Only the Silver and Bronze Pikmin can use this ability. It is the ONLY way you can get more pikmin from the Cave of Origin.

The bud on top of the pikmin's head spins rapidly. It can also drill through weak walls.
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