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Scientific Name Rus pseudoarbicans mimicus
Family Skitterling
Areas Forest Depths
Underground Areas Dark Forest Cave, Black Hole, Worlds Beyond
Carry Weight 3
Max. Carriers 6 Pikmin
Seed Worth 3 seeds
Attacks Spews fre, Sprays water, Emits poison

The Skittylion is the most advanced member of the Skitterling family. It looks like a Seeding Dandelion up close, but when it senses something brush up against it, it unearths itself from the ground and attacks! The creature has gone so far to disguise itself as to form a symbiotic relationship with the seeding dandelion that has gone to the extreme. It's actually half-plant, half-animal like the Pikmin! The seeding dandelion that hangs behind its head is a real plant, as are the six spindly roots it uses for legs and the two leafy appendages that seem to be its hands. Its face is concealed by a couple of leaves that keep its face hidden in shadow so all you can see are two small white eyes without pupils. It doesn't eat Pikmin. Instead, it has the ability to breathe fire, water, and poison gas! You'll need force and quick maneuvering to get around to the creature's side and bring it down.

An Intense Enemy Edit

The Skittylion sometimes doesn't even camouflage itself. Instead, it may aid other enemies in battle, spraying different elements at the Pikmin to make them run around while the other enemies eat them before you can call everything back to order. Expect intense battles in PSI, even from enemies like the Skittylion which at first don't appear to be a threat.


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