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Snow Bulborb
Snow Bulborb
Scientific Name Pansarus pseudooculii frosticus
Family Breadbug
Areas Canon: None

PS: Frigid Mountain

Underground Areas Canon: Emergence Cave, Subterranean Complex, Frontier Cavern, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den

PS: Concealed Aquatica, Bulborb Den, Cold Chasm, Militant Frostway, Mystic Marsh, Challenger's Cavern, Darkfreeze Lair

Carry Weight 3
Max. Carriers 6 Pikmin
Seed Worth 4 seeds
Attacks Eats Pikmin


Olimar's Notes Edit

Like the dwarf red bulborb, the snow bulborb is a member of the breadbug family that seeks to survive through imitating the appearance and behavior of a bulborb. Its pale coloration and blue spots make for easy identification. In particular, this organism mimics the hairy bulborb, but it is of course unable to grow the hair that gives the hairy bulborb its name. However, as the hairy bulborb has been known to lose its hair in certain circumstances, the snow bulborb is an effective mimic that is often mistaken for a member of the same species.

Louie's Notes Edit

Best grilled and served hot over a bed of fresh spinach and crumbled blue cheese.


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In PikSpore, these appear in Frigid Mountain and in several caves, such as Cold Chasm.

Pikmin: New WorldEdit

Olimar's NotesEdit

" This creature lives in frigid areas mostly deep underground. It survives here through mimicry and disguises itself as the larva of the hairy bulborb, the ferocious predator of the frozen subterrranean allleyways. it does not, however, contain the genes nessecary for the growth of hair, resulting in it being completely bald. It instead keeps itself warm by staying very close to a hairy bulborb at all times, forming a ring around it to trap any small amount of heat that manages to escape its thick pelt, forming an insulating layer around it. this also allows it to be protected from any danger posed by a large group of pikmin."

Louie's NotesEdit

" Best when drenched in tomato juice and then wrapped in leaf of freshly-picked red-leaf lettuce. Grill on a barbeque and serve with shredded mozzarella cheese on top."

Sagittarius's NotesEdit

" As a warmth-loving ground-dweller, this docile beast often likes to curl with its owners and go into their beds with them. They also like the company of others in their species and get along quite nicely with hairy bulborbs. It loves to go outside and it is reccomended that it be taken on a walk almost daily. Great exercise for both it and you!"

Libra's NotesEdit

" Its blue and white polka-dotted skin makes an adorable jumpsuit for babies. It cannot be made into adult or teen sizes due to the beast's overall tiny size, though. It is reccomended that the hairy bulborb's skin be used for that."

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