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Spotty Bulbear
Spotty Bulbear.jpg
Scientific Name Oculus Terribilis Dotticum
Family Grub-dog
Areas P:WoMB: Pool of Mystery, Land's End
Underground Areas P:WoMB: To be added...
Carry Weight 10
Max. Carriers 20 Pikmin
Seed Worth 15 seeds
Attacks Eats Pikmin
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Cannicus
Class Vegeterii
Family Grub-dog
Genus Oculus


Reel Notes[]

This rare species of bulborb has a certain indefatigability.

Olimar's Notes[]

A midsize subspecies within the grub-dog family, the spotty bulbear's unique feeding habits set it apart from other grub-dogs. The spotty bulbear patrols a set path searching for prey, instead of passively feeding on creatures that wander into a limited territorial range. When entering bulbear habitat, it is wise to proceed with extreme caution until the bulbear's patrol path can be clearly identified.

Louie's Notes[]

For an unrivaled green curry, peel away the spotty bulbear's skin, pulverize the juicy innards, and stew until curiously fragrant.


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In Pikspore, Spotty Bulbears often replace normal Bulborbs in hard mode, though they occur naturally in Foghorn Wetlands and in a few caves.

Pikmin: Wrath of Mr. B[]

These beasties retain their reviving abilities and ferocious appetite, but they lack the movement of their former appearances, moving slowly and determinedly along a set patrol route that changes every day and often spans most of the map.

Pikmin: Power of 8[]


In this game, they are always active and rarely asleep. They have red eyes like in Pikmin 1.

BulBear with me.gif

Violet's notes[]


Defeat it like a regular bulborb. Go for the eyes or behind, But remember it's super senses!