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Sprinklers are man-made structures left behind on the Distant Planet for an unknown amount of years, but are in surprisingly good condition, as with the treasures. Sprinklers still remain operational and carry out their day-to-day function watering plants in certain areas. The problem with sprinklers is that they are unbreakable water-spraying turrets. They spray a steady and powerful stream of water in a set path, dangerous to all but Blue Pikmin. It's easy to figure out how to evade these kinds of sprinklers.

However, more powerful sprinklers are chrome and will emerge from their positions in the ground only when Pikmin walk nearby. Then, they'll pop up and blast jets of water at their targets. It's' an odd kind of mechanism. From the way it is designed, it almost seems like it was once some kind of battle turret, but modified to serve as a garden sprinkler!

The chrome sprinklers usually have a switch located at their base that can be pressed down if Pikmin are thrown on it, shutting the sprinkler down for the day. The sprinklers that spray it a set path may have some kind of button that controls them somewhere else in the area that could either shut it down or change the direction in which it sprays, which may be key to solving some puzzles.


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