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Sprinting Dirigibug
Sprinting Drigibug
Scientific Name Flotillium curcusminimus
Family Dirigibug
Areas Perilous Wild,Den of R
Attacks Slashes Pikmin

The sprinting Dirigibug is a fast paced, edgy enemy. It cuts pikmin in half with the sharp mandibles. It also will run around like crazy. It jumps on and over obstacles with ease and sometimes triggers booby-traps. This perilous foe is very hard to handle.

How to killEdit


Using White Pikmin at the most would work because they can keep up the speed of the Sprinting Dirigibug. You should have about 20 white Pikmin or 30 Purples. Throwing a couple of Purples should stun it only for three seconds. To get it while its jumping, use Yellow Pikmin. If you hit it while its jumping, it will be stunned for four seconds. Double that if you hit it with Purple Pikmin in the air.


It is almost impossible to beat with Captains alone. You can only punch it when its stunned because its so evasive and fast.

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