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An Alien Facility Edit

A menagerie of creatures roams the area around this dungeon in the Forest Depths. The top of the dungeon looks like a large white structure constructed of domes connected through conduits. Electricity flows through some of these, making for deadly contact if you're not careful. Yellow Pikmin and Blue Pikmin will help you make your way around the alien machinery to the entrance of the complex. It's an unsettling dungeon and feels like a heavily modified and more high-tech version of the Scrap Metal Abyss back at the Desert Oasis so long ago! You'll have to learn how to manipulate the various switches and platforms around the complex to make your way down safely instead of falling to your doom. Enemies here are also far more tactical, and you'll have to be as cunning as them to stand a fighting chance. The boss here is also a heavily modified, high-tech version of the one in the Scrap Metal Abyss.

Wildlife Edit


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