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The Forest Navel preview

The Forest Navel is the third area in the first Pikmin game. It is unlocked after the Dolphin regains at least five ship parts. It is a very different area from the other four, being entirely underground. However, time still flows here, unlike in Pikmin 2. This is also where Blue Pikmin were first discovered. In addition, it is also the first area in Pikmin to feature fire that spouts from the ground in certain areas. The wildlife down here may have paled skin and glowing eyes that suits their cave environment. The area is home to nine of Olimar's ship parts. The area is also much more open than The Forest of Hope, with the bridges and walls scattered about the area serving as optional shortcuts to get through the cave more quickly.

Wishes Granted? Edit

While the developers were still in the process of Pikmin 2, there were some statements made by anonymous fans that wanted to see more areas like The Forest Navel in the sequel. While it is unknown whether or not any of these thoughts were taken into account, there are clearly many more underground areas in Pikmin 2.

Valley of Repose Edit

There are some fan theories that suggest that the Valley of Repose area in Pikmin 2 is The Forest Navel from the first Pikmin game. Besides one or two similarities between the maps, nothing is clear or proven.

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