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The Impact Site
Impact Site
Location The Pikmin Planet
Caves None
Treasures Main Engine, Positron Generator
Hazards Water
The first area in the first canon Pikmin game, The Impact Site was a small area on the edge of a vast forest where Olimar's ship, the S.S. Dolphin, crash-landed. He discovered Red Pikmin here first and with their help was able to recover the Main Engine. He later returned to the area with more types of Pikmin to obtain the Positron Generator. The Impact Site was the safest place to grow Pikmin, abundant with Pellet Posies and few enemies save for a few rare ones like the Goolix and Mamuta which would sometimes appear on one of the large tree stumps. Also, Pearly Clamclamps were found here.

In Pikmin 2 Edit

Olimar discovered that the area he dubbed Wistful Wild in Pikmin 2 was actually The Impact Site, which had undergone a number of changes since the day he crash-landed and discovered Red Pikmin. It had become a hostile place where every day was a struggle for survival.

In Pikmin 4: Kreta 404Edit

After an absence from Pikmin 3, The Impact Site finally makes a return on Origin Island.

Mission 1: Second ImpactEdit

After a remake of the opening cutscene of Pikmin 1, Olimar and Louie are laying knocked out on the grass. Louie gets scared by Treto, who is one of the captains in the game.  After that, Olimar finds a Blue Onion, which pleases Louie. The Blue Onion makes a seed for a Blue Pikmin. Then, you are introduced to the controls. After that, You find the Main Engine. Finally, the day ends.

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