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The Portal is the seventh and final area. Unlike the other areas it has absolutely no treasures and only exists as the gateway to the final dungeon, Worlds Beyond. (Hence the name "The Portal".) It is a small island far across the sea with a single tree growing in the center. The path to the dungeon is devoid of obstacles and enemies and it is impossible to lose any Pikmin here. The area is an homage to the final level in "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" which featured a bleak field devoid of enemies with a single tree in the center.

Rare Visitor Edit

If you managed to reach this area on Day 30, there will actually be a Blue Bulbmin waiting for you near the entrance to the dungeon. You have only this day to recruit its five followers!


This time with VenomEdit

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In Pikmin: Global Breakdown, at the Cell Pool, the Venom Paracite opens up a wormhole with all of the pover harnessed by the tick after you defeat the brain. It leads to this area, where you fight the paracite when it isn't on the brain.

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