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The Tempest is the name Olimar gave the metal phantasm that he spotted before he blanked out on Impact Island. It is the final area, and you'll actually go there a few times in the game, but you won't reach the final dungeon until you've completed specific requirements. The Tempest is always wreathed in a storm when it appears, so the "storm" factor will always be at 100% when it rises.

It could be that The Tempest is somehow generating sudden storms, or controlling the weather in some regions, sending a specific area into a miserable drought. Either way, you won't know the answers until you reach the final dungeon.

Weather Stats Edit

  • Scorch: 0%
  • Sunny: 0%
  • Misty: 0%
  • Rainy: 0%
  • Storm: 100%

Dungeon Edit

Trivia Edit

The name comes from tempest, another word for "storm." There is also a Shakespeare play of the same name.


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