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Tropical Mamuta
Scientific Name Mamutain Tropica
Family Mamutain
Areas Pond of Tranquility
Underground Areas Clay Garden, Cave of 200 Ordeals
Carry Weight 7
Max. Carriers 15 Pikmin
Seed Worth 15 seeds
Attacks Pounds ground and replants Pikmin

The Tropical Mamuta is just like a Mamuta, except that it looks like a plant, and that it plants pikmin as buds.

Immediately, this appears to be a disadvantage to the Mamuta, which turns pikmin into flowers. However, it can be seen as an advantage should it take an unusually long time to beat the mamuta or pick pikmin. With an ordinary mamuta, the pikmin would turn into leaf pikmin faster than with a Tropical Mamuta, which would give more time to pick flower pikmin even if it takes some time for the pikmin to mature into flowers.


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