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Pikmin 2 Spray Screen

The Ultra-bitter spray with its corresponding data

Ultra-bitter spray is the purple colored spray that you can get from 10 purple berries from the Burgeoning Spiderwort plant, or find a dose of it on the ground. You may find doses by destroying eggs, killing Honeywisps, fighting Doodlebugs, killing the insects at the Wistful Wild, killing purple Unmarked Spectralids, or defeating any petrified enemy.

Uses of the bitter spray Edit

You can use this spray to turn most all of the creatures into stone to immobilize them and kill them. If you kill them while they are petrified, instead of leaving a corpse, it will break open and drop nectar or sprays. The chance of getting (a) spray/s is very uncommon however. This is good to use if one of your Pikmin is being eaten. You cannot petrify plants and Candypop Buds. Normally when an enemy is defeated during petrification, they crumble and leave behind one dosage of a liquid, if you defeat a boss while it is petrified, it drops 5 doses of liquid, meaning you'll have a greater chance of getting a spray. This is a smart idea to use on a boss that doesn't leave behind anything when defeated.

In 2-Player Mode, this spray is used to disarm your opponent's Pikmin and plant them in the ground, and thus reverting all flower- and bud Pikmin to leaves. As with enemy petrification, this effect is only temporary.

In the Piklopedia, the player can deploy Ultra-Bitter spray by pressing the Z button. This does not affect the Ultra-Bitter spray quantity in the actual game.

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In pikmin the untold grand war you can use it to have a enemy screech and have fire go around it

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