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Ultra-spicy spray is the red-colored spray that you can get from 10 red berries from the Burgeoning Spiderwort plant, or find a concentrated dose of on the ground. This spray is likely the first spray you will collect, as opposed to the Ultra-Bitter Spray. The first time you collect a red berry, the Ship will give a lecture and then say, "Bring me another specimen." After you bring him 9 more berries, he will show you the Ultra-Spicy Spray.


When you unleash this spray, it makes the Pikmins' leaf/bud/flower vanish and a red flashing light takes its place. This really turns your Pikmin into 'super' Pikmin. Their maximum speed is almost as fast as flowered whites (whites, on the other hand, somewhat lose their speed), gain attack strength (though purple pikmin lose their strength in exchange for faster attack speed. Red pikmin have the same effect, but as their attack power is not as much, it is rather trivial), improve their efficiency when deconstructing gates and constructing bridges, and even drink Nectar faster. After about 40 seconds, this effect wears off. While the spray's effect can be extremely useful in many situations, caution should be observed, as drowning Pikmin sprayed with an ultra-spicy spray will actually drown more quickly.

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In pikmin the untold war you can use this to have pikmin screech and make enemys cry in pain and then the enemy’s have fire rain on them

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