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Check my Pikipedia page for my info.

I am working on a BIG project called Pikmin:The After Years. Come check it out!

I will be making a sequel for Pikmin:The After Years called Pikmin:Zero Lives.

If you have any comments, good or bad, tell me at my talk page.

Also comment me on my work and how I've done and what I could change. I would appreciate it.

I will take care of making pages for my enemies after I'm done with Part II.

Finally done with Part I.

Note(s) to self:

  1. Recreate Dark Virus pages.
  2. Keep an eye on my games: Pikmin:The After Years, Pikmin:Zero Lives, and Pikmin:Last Stand.


What is it with all the n00bs spamming my pages (Dark Virus, Jewel of Life, etc...)? I know that they're awesome and definitely way better than what you can think of, but come on!

Parts of Game[]

  • I.World Map
  • II.Caves
  • III.Pages for new enemies/bosses <----This is gonna take forever!
  • IV.Treasures for bosses


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