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Vicious V-Bug
Vicious V Bug
Scientific Name Vulgarae Mandibulosa
Family Mandiblard
Areas Highland Field, Mountain Springs, Ancient Wetland, Forest Depths, Penumbra Plains
Underground Areas Supercomputer Complex, Dark Forest Cave, Black Hole
Carry Weight 2
Max. Carriers 3 Pikmin
Seed Worth 7
Attacks Deflowers Pikmin

The Vicious V-Bug is strange enemy that could only be described as the "disowned cousin of mandiblards". It's a black bug with a tough hide and a fight to pick with pretty much everything, including bomb rocks (often with disastrous results.) The Vicious V-Bug can't actually kill Pikmin; it can only swipe off their flowers and knock them over with its oversized shearing appendages on its frontal limbs. Overall, the creature is simply a distraction that you'll want out of your way as it has the tendency to make things go wrong (it decimates bridges.) When defeated, the Vicious V-Bug will chatter for three seconds before exploding with the power of three bomb rocks, scattering what looks like confetti and emitting bright lights and firecracker-esque and kuzoo sounds.

Trivia Edit

The Vicious V-Bug was conceived on Guy Fawkes Day. It is almost a buglike parody of V from V for Vendetta, as it is a black bug with a masklike marking around its face, knifelike appendages and it goes out with a bang and several fireworks. It was one of the first enemies invented for Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator despite its overbearing insignificance.


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