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Violet Candypop Bud
Scientific Name Flora puniceus
Family Candypop
Areas None
Underground Areas Emergence Cave, Subterranean Complex, Frontier Cavern, Hole of Beasts, Bulblax Kingdom, Snagret Hole, Citadel of Spiders, Glutton's Kitchen, Shower Room, Submerged Castle, Cavern of Chaos

Violet Candypop Buds are purple Candypop Buds that when non-purple Pikmin are thrown in, they will change into Purple Pikmin. If Purple Pikmin are thrown in, they will be reverted to leaf stages, and don't count against the 5 Pikmin limit per Candypop Bud. This Candypop Bud is new to Pikmin in Pikmin 2. You may find 3 Violet Candypop Buds on Sublevel 8 of the Subterranean Complex (Valley of Repose) if you need more. There are also 3 in the Hole of Beasts. However, 2 of these disappear after a certain amount of Purples is reached.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Olimar's Notes[edit | edit source]

Research from our most recent expedition has confirmed the presence of candypop buds in subterranean regions. Considering the micro-ecologies this plant has been found in, one could surmise that it could be found in any cavern, regardless of geographic region. Tossing Pikmin into this flower results in the release of purple Pikmin seeds, regardless of the color of the Pikmin tossed in. This variety of candypop contains robustly odoriferous oils. If candypop flowers could be cultivated, there is no doubt that the plants would offer multifaceted benefits to the cosmetic, medical, and tourist industries.

Louie's Notes[edit | edit source]

This convenient purple flower secretes a dark, flavorful oil that eliminates the need for salad dressing!

In fanon-games[edit | edit source]

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Pikmin:Redemption[edit | edit source]

These are very rare, but aren't useful until the second-half of the game when Olimar returns.

Pikmin: A New Journey[edit | edit source]

These are no different from the canon adaptation, except they can occasionally spawn Rare Purples.

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