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Virus Dweevil
Virus Dweevil
Scientific Name Mandarachnia Bacteriophagea Vira
Family Dweevil
Areas N/A
Underground Areas Glowing Tunnels, Supercomputer Complex, Web of Terror, Black Hole, Worlds Beyond
Carry Weight 3
Max. Carriers 6 Pikmin
Seed Worth 20
Attacks Spews fire, sprays water, discharges electricity, emits poison, secretes acid, fires explosive projectiles, multiplies

The Virus Dweevil is not a dweevil at all, but rather a freak virus that grew to an astounding size and looks somewhat similar to a dweevil. It bears a large gem of sorts supported above its "torso" that glows different colors. Depending on the color it glows, the virus will protect itself with a respective element. Here is the breakdown of the virus attacks:

  • Red for Fire
  • Yellow for Electricity
  • Blue for Water
  • Purple for Gas
  • White for Instant Death (Explosion)
  • Black for Virus Multiplies!!!
  • Green for Acid

As you can see it possesses a variety of deadly elemental techniques, as well as the ability to duplicate itself and produce instant-death explosions. Luckily, as long as you kill the virus that created the others, all the other viruses will instantly die as well. Such a creature could be considered a mini-boss in the Pikmin world.

Trivia Edit

The appearance of the Virus Dweevil is very similar to that of a real-life bacteriophage. It's astounding that such a miniscule thing could grow to such an astounding size, but then again the same could be said for the Goolix and the Chemical Goolix.


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