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New to the Pikmin series is the "Weather" factor in Pikmin: Distant Planet. You'll be able to track this important factor once you obtain the Weather Gauge early in the game. It'll be displayed on the World Map. It shows you what the weather will be like, but as to what effects the weather has, you'll have to experience them firsthand. Or, you can consult this Weather Guide for the different types of weather and what they do.

Yellow Zone Edit

This measures the potency of sunny weather in a region.

Left Yellow Zone Edit

This day will be HOT! Really small puddles of water formed by mist will be evaporated, and normally cold bodies of water may heat up a bit, sometimes attracting large numbers of insects. In normally hot areas, the blazing heat may cause some foliage to burn or for Pikmin to lose energy more quickly. Some man-made objects like pavement can scald creatures that attempt to walk across. If it's a really hot day, then you should probably go somewhere with more calm weather. However, the small puddles of water that evaporate might give you your chance to get somewhere you normally couldn't reach.

Right Yellow Zone Edit

This is sunny weather, but it is also pleasant. You won't experience any dramatic factors that open up new pathways or anything, but the warm weather may attract insects, so keep that in mind. This could be considered normal weather.

Gray Zone Edit

Neither rainy nor sunny, it will just be a gray day with light rain that doesn't have any effect except for slightly cooler water which decreases likelihood of encountering more insects than usual. In some circumstances, this means there could be fog or mist.

Blue Zone Edit

This measures the potency of rainy weather in a region.

Left Blue Zone Edit

A rainy day. Water levels will be higher than usual, opening up new paths and closing others. Also, days like this are dangerous for non-Blue Pikmin, who can be hit with raindrops. You'll want to keep them in their onions, or if you have few Blue Pikmin, go to a different region. Sometimes you may have to explore with them, so take note of places that have provide shelter from raindrops.

Right Blue Zone Edit

A stormy day. The rain will come down thick and you'll probably get flooding! It is nearly futile to attempt to explore with non-Blue Pikmin on a day like this (again, take note of possible COVER areas). In addition, exploring will also be difficult for your waterproof squad because of steady flows of water in troublesome directions, in addition to a possible risk of being struck by lightning, although this is a rarity.


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