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The Weather Gauge is an item that works similarly to the Treasure Gauge, but you can only view it on the World Map. When you hover above an area, check where the needle on the dial above the area picture is located. The farther to the left in the yellow zone it is, the higher chance that you'll have a hot day. The farther to the right in the blue zone it is, the higher chance that you'll have a stormy day. If it is not as intense in either zone, then the day will just be sunny, rainy, or if it is in the grey area in the middle, misty.

Some areas have conditions that rarely change except on certain days. For instance, Cloaking Field, the second area, is usually misty. However, a hot day could clear the mist, perhaps even drying up small bodies of water formed by mist in certain places. Or, a stormy day could cause a flood. Oftentimes, the weather will be crucial to investigating different places, opening and closing routes through the area. Weather may even effect the underground territory beneath the above-ground area.


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