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Wollywogs (マロガエル) (also known as Wollyhops in the PAL versions of New Play Control!) are a species of frog-like creatures found in the first two Pikmin games. These creatures tend to live in the bowels of subterranean areas. As an adaptation to environments with little or no sunlight, they have lost most of their skin pigmentation, giving them an albino-like appearance.

Some consider it to be the most irritating enemy to fight in both games, due to their exceptional ease of crushing large numbers of Pikmin. They can jump much farther then their yellow cousins. However, they possess less defense than Yellow Wollywogs, potentially making them easier to defeat.

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Pikmin: Power of 8[]


In this game, wollywogs apear in a few caves and one above ground area.

Violet's notes[]

These things are a real pain. If you swarm it, it may not be able to jump!